Travel to Schengen? 

An iPhone app that helps to plan your visits in accordance with 90/180 days rule for short term Schengen visa. 

- Keep track on past travels

- Control your staying 

- Plan  upcoming trips

Learn more about Schengen 90/180 days regulation on EU web site          j          

Keep track on your previous travels

Enter information about your previous trips within last half a year – you can pick it from your passport stamps. 

App will calculate durations of your previous travels on the fly in order to tell you – if you enter Schengen today, how many days can you stay there ? 


Control your staying

You don't want to overstay your period right? App will give your clear signal on what's your allowance for the current trip – just add it to the stack of your travels and that’s it!

Plan future trips 

Plan your trips selecting entry date in the future to know – for how long will you be allowed to stay if you go to Italy in the middle of June?


Free for limited time. Available on the AppStore.